Bleaching is fun and dangerous.

So I read Phelyx's tutorial on bleach fabric/shirts using stencils, and I kinda went nuts. It didn't help that christmas was 2 months later. Almost everyone got a bleached shirt for christmas, either from me, or from a friend whom I helped make all the shirts she gave as gifts.
So here is the gallery of my 'work.' Click the image for the full size.

This is the first one I did. I yanked the image from MC Chris's homepage. I gave it to my friend since the shirt I had around was a small.
This here is my paper mario shirt for myself. :D Mario is the man now dog.
I got a $5 messenger bag at target, it was plain and black. So I bleached it with the Strogg logo.
Close up of the bag.
This I made for my roommate for christmas. It's a robot from I like his artwork, my roommate likes robots.
So a friend sent me this image, and recommended it for another friend. This could be construded as a joke about his crazy ex-girlfriend. Merry Christmas!
Had trouble deciding for my other roommate, so since he shares similar views of mine on our wonderful country, I made this shirt for him.
This is the friend's gift for my roommate. She actually cut this one out using a hot knife. It turned out pretty good. I still prefer my Retractable Xacto. The blade is short, which is fine since I only use the tip.
This close up is my first two-tone. And I'd say it turned out pretty slick.Source of Ichigo stencil image.
Full view of Ichigo from Bleach bleached shirt.
Marilyn Monroe on a t-shirt
Imperial Guard from Warhammer 40k, full
Imperial Guard from Warhammer 40k, zoom
So yeah, there's my work. There are two other shirts that friends have already, so I don't have pics of those. If I do get em, I'll post em. Any questions, or what not, um contact me somehow. like here is an email address. Its long because i hate spam.